Concrete Moulds


As industry leaders in steel fabricated concrete moulds, we specialize in precise, durable, and reusable designs for custom concrete shapes. With our experienced team and advanced technology, we ensure our moulds meet the highest standards of quality and precision.


Customization is a key strength, as we work closely with clients to design moulds tailored to their specific requirements. Our moulds are engineered for durability, enduring rigorous casting processes for multiple reuses without compromising quality. This not only ensures cost-effectiveness but also promotes sustainable construction practices.


Our commitment to delivering long-lasting, high-quality moulds has earned us the trust of customers, establishing us as a reliable partner in the New Zealand precast concrete industry in which we are proud associate members of under the Concrete NZ organization. We take pride in contributing to the success of construction projects by providing exceptional concrete moulds that are built to stand the test of time.