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As an industry leader in providing high-quality concrete moulds, we specialize in designing and manufacturing precise, durable, and reusable moulds for custom concrete shapes and designs. With our experienced team and advanced technology, we ensure that our moulds meet the highest standards of quality and precision. We take pride in our ability to custom design moulds based on specific requirements, offering tailored solutions for construction projects. Our focus on delivering long-lasting and cost-effective products makes us a trusted partner in the industry.
As a leading provider in the New Zealand construction industry, we specialize in high-quality precast supplies, such as bracketry, concrete pouring and handling equipment, and casting tables. Our commitment to quality is exemplified by our in-house CNC profile cutting and bar bending capabilities, ensuring precise and tailored products for our customers specific requirements.
Our in house XPR300 Hypertherm high-definition CNC plasma cutting system is cutting-edge technology capable of plasma cutting mild steel up to 50mm thick and oxy fuel cutting up to 300mm thick. With a plate size of up to 3000x9000mm, it offers versatility for large-scale workpieces. The system incorporates advanced nesting technology and automation features, optimizing material usage and enhancing cutting efficiency.
We are proud manufacturers of sawmill components and equipment. Our expertise extends across the nation and reaches the Pacific region. We collaborate closely with our clients, partnering with them to design and optimize sawmill systems. In addition to manufacturing quality products, we also offer installation services and perform shutdowns upon request. With our skilled technicians and industry knowledge, we ensure seamless integration and efficient operation of our equipment, supporting sawmill operators in achieving their objectives.
We supply fabricated steel for major government and private infrastructure projects, including bridges, civil works, water infrastructure, public walkways, and architectural panels. Steel is chosen for its strength and durability, making it an ideal material for these applications. We specialize in providing customized fabricated steel components that meet the specific requirements of the projects. Our expertise contributes to the construction of safe and visually appealing structures, enhancing public services and strengthening the infrastructure of our communities.
We specialize in fabricating structural steel for the New Zealand construction market, including commercial buildings, apartments, and residential homes. Supplying fabricated steel components. We provide comprehensive solutions such as third-party inspections for quality control, coating options like painting or galvanizing for enhanced durability, efficient delivery to the construction site, and professional erection services for seamless installations. Our commitment lies in meeting the diverse needs of New Zealand’s construction industry, ensuring reliable and tailored solutions for every project.

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