Kings Profiles



Profile Cutting


◆ 3000mm wide cutting capability

◆ 0.2mm to 12mm capability up to G350
◆ Cost effective and efficient for repetitive cutting
◆ Clean cut edges

◆ Latest technology – XPR300 Hypertherm high-definition plasma

◆ 3000 x 9000mm working area
◆ 50mm mild steel cutting capacity (Plasma)

◆ 300mm mild steel cutting capacity (Oxy Fuel)

◆ 38mm Aluminium and Stainless cutting capacity
◆ Beveling head with True Bevel Technology
◆ Latest technology nesting software

◆ Folding up to 6000mm long

◆ 0.55 – 32mm thickness capability
◆Grades from G250 through to High Tensile 780
◆ Fold angles from 0 through to 90 degrees (thickness dependent) 

Our in house XPR300 Hypertherm high-definition CNC plasma cutting system is cutting-edge technology capable of plasma cutting mild steel up to 50mm thick and oxy fuel cutting up to 300mm thick. 

With a plate size of up to 3000x9000mm, it offers versatility for large-scale workpieces. The system incorporates advanced nesting technology and automation features, optimizing material usage and enhancing cutting efficiency.